Factors influencing learning activities

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adam asked 4 months ago

In general, the factors that affect the activity in a person or student that consists of two parts, including internal factors and external factors. For more details about the two factors are as follows:
Internal factors are all aspects contained in individual learning, both physiological (physical) and psychological (psychological) aspects. The explanation of the physical and psychological aspects are as follows:
a. Physical Aspects (Physiologists) People who learn need a healthy physical. Physical health will affect the entire body tissue so that learning activities are not low. Pain in the body / body resulting in a weak, less excited, easily dizzy and so forth. Therefore, in order for a person to learn well, he must strive for his health.
b. Psychological Aspects (Psychology) there are at least eight psychological factors that affect a person to perform learning activities
External factors are all factors that exist dilur self-students that give effect to the learning activity achieved by students. External factors that affect learning activities include:
a. Teachers are the spearhead in the learning process that greatly affects the success of student learning activities because teachers are dealing directly with students. Some of the things that affect the success of student learning tv online streaming activities that exist in teachers include: the ability of teachers, teacher professionalism, teacher education background, and teaching experience.
b. Learning facilities Successful implementation of activity-oriented learning of students is also influenced by the availability of learning tools.
c. Learning Environment Learning environment is another factor that can influence the success of learning-oriented student activity.